• GCC Waste Management & Recycling Forum 2017
    How Science, Technology and Innovation
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  • Waste Management & Recycling Forum - Dubai
    Waste to wealth
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  • GCC Waste Management & Recycling Forum 2017 - Dubai
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Following on to the Success of last two Editions of GCC Waste Management Forum, IMNBI has continue supporting GCC Waste Management, under the theme of Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Waste Management Through Science and Technology.

Waste management is an important part of the urban infrastructure as it ensures the protection of the environment and of human health. It is now one of the major global environmental challenges being faced equally by all developed & developing countries. Waste management is something that should be a joint effort between government, industries and citizens. Our planet suffered tremendous damage after the industrial revolution when people mass-produced and then mass dumped products.

The social and economic development of a GCC Region caused an increase in pressures on its environment and increases the need for a reduction in environmentally damaging activities. Some of these damaging activities involve the production and disposal of waste. The more waste we produce, the more we have to dispose, either by recycling and re-using, burial (landfill) or burning (incineration). The production of consumables in the first place, and their disposal when used uses up valuable natural resources and energy, processes which can impact upon the environment and in particular the atmosphere through pollution. Sustainable waste management encourages the generation of less waste, the re-use of consumables, and the recycling and recovery of waste that is produced.

Middle Eastern countries are counted among the world’s largest waste producers. Population growth and urbanization have made a significant contribution to the exponential increase in the generation of waste. At the 3rd GCC waste management & recycling Forum, key industry stake holders would gather to discuss and share on the key factors associated with waste identification, handling, storage and disposal. With the top industry experts sharing on the innovative methods used in the industry for the reduction, reuse and recycle of waste.

Solid waste management practices can differ for residential and industrial producers, for urban and rural areas, and for developed and developing nations. The administration of non-hazardous waste in metropolitan areas is the job of local government authorities.

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Invited Speakers and Panelists

  • Dr. Talal Mohammed Albander - General Directorate of Health Affairs, Eastern Province Public Health - Medical Director of the hazardous waste management- Ministry Of Health Saudi Arabia
  • Eng. Hani Hossni - EHS Department Director, Tadweer
  • Dr. Ajeeth Cheppudira - Adviser to Minister Office, Ministry of Climate Change & Environment
  • Dr. Udayan Banerji - Policies and Legislations specialist Strategic Planning & Policies Department, Tadweer
  • Dr. Mansour Nasr Malik - Specialist(EHS MS). Environment, Health and Safety, Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport - Abu Dhabi
  • Dr. Pablo Izquierdo - Sr. Technical Manager, Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence
  • Eng. Mohammad Ibrahim Mosa - Sr. Specialist, Hazardous Materials & Waste Policy & Regulations Environment Quality, Enivornment Agency Abu Dhabi
  • Dr. Mohammad Aref (Ph. D., G-IOSH, IDipEM.) - Managing Director, QHSE & HazMat Consultancy
  • Alia Ali Busamra - Manager, Group Sustainability Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Emirates National Oil Company Limited (ENOC) LLC
  • Dr. Roel Palo Anicas - Academic Manager, Althelim Group of Institutes and Training Centers Dammam - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Ghanim Abdalla Jasim Abdalla Kashwani - HSE Engineer, Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd

Who should attend?

  • CEO / Managing Director / Director / VP / GM / CFO / CTO / COO, Directors
  • Managers of Sustainability, Directors and Managers of Environmental Policies
  • Ministry and regulatory Authority Representatives
  • Health and Safety Officers, and QHSE Managers and Directors
  • Developers and Building Constructors
  • Facility Owners/Operators, Suppliers, Industry Experts & Professionals
  • Environmental and Quality Managers & Practitioners
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Processing Professionals
  • Waste Management & Recycling Professionals, Water Management Professionals, Industrialists and Manufacturers
  • Property Managers, Architects, Project Managers of Building Facilities
  • Scientists & Researchers, Research and Development, Innovation Managers, Engineers, Consultants, Academicians
  • Policy makers, Senior Governmental

Industries Involved

  • Waste Processing & Service Companies
  • Cement manufacturing & processing companies
  • Steel processing & Manufacturing Companies
  • Plastics manufacturing and processing
  • Government & Private Hospital & Health Care Facilities /Authorities
  • Green Sustainability Consultants
  • Power and Energy Management Companies
  • Building and Construction Companies
  • Environmental Regional Regulatory Authorities
  • Environmental NGOs, Sustainable Energy Companies
  • Oil & Gas Companies, Industrial Plants
  • Wastewater Utility Companies Desalination Utility Companies Power Utility Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • FMCG companies
  • Master Project Management Companies
  • Master Project Development Companies
  • Water Reuse and Conservation Companies
  • Municipal Authorities, Waste Management & Control Authorities
  • Research Organizations /Universities
  • Environmental Management Organizations